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Whether you have built an on ground swimming pool or in ground swimming pool in your resort, health club, hotel, apartment complex or school, solar energy is the simple and cost-efficient method of heating the pool in every climate and allowing your guests to enjoy swimming during the off-season. If you are presently using an electric or gas heater to keep your in-ground or above-ground pool hot throughout the year, then solar pool heating system will be a good replacement. It can pay back your entire investment in less than three years time with the saved natural energy.  While you are likely to get back return on your investment fast, all of your fuel charges and energy generating costs will be nothing but zero over the functional period of the pool heating system which may even cross beyond twenty years especially if it is properly maintained.


Your unglazed solar pool heater may perform well in regions like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Florida, San Diego but not in Northern USA and Canada where there is extreme cold. We offer evacuated tube pool heaters to create more amount of heat than these traditional unglazed varieties. Our pool heaters are made of double walled and high temp solar vacuum tubes to continue transferring the sun's free energy to the pool water. However, heat transfer is done indirectly through titanium or stainless steel made heat exchanger so that chlorine or other chemical effects on this solar collector can be avoided. You can have our solar pool heating packages including every instruction and accessory you need to install this heating application successfully. So, go and choose from our five different solar pool packages that are decided on the basis of total number of collectors offered (SPH-5, SPH-4, SPH-3, SPH-2, SPH-1).

It always costs a huge amount of money to heat your residential or commercial swimming pool. Use of our evacuated solar pool heaters can save you around $1000's every year on your pool heating charges especially if you care to keep your swimming pool hot during winter or spring fall. They can trap the free energy coming from the sun and transfer the heat to the pool in order to extend your swimming season.

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